Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pretty Little Mistakes--A Review

This month's selection was "Pretty Little Mistakes" by Healther McElhatton. It is a "choose your own adventure" type book that follows the main character through the differnt life choices made.

Some members of my book club found the constant page flipping annoying and/or distracting. I can see this, but I enjoyed the premise. While the main character of the book is not well developed, there are moments that really zing at your heart or conscience.

This book really spoke to me. To me, the main message was that sometimes we’re in such a hurry to get “there”. We often overlook the stepping stones (that often are disguised as boulders, mountains, asteroids or cosmic blockage) that are simply part of the journey.

My destination is already on the cosmic map. I've simply not clocked enough mileage to be at that point yet. The cool thing is (like McElhatton’s book) is that at any point I (or any of us) can turn, slow down, speed up, join up with fellow travelers, stop to camp and roast some marshmallows, star gaze, bird watch, meditate, go for a hike or skinny dip in a swimming hole along the way.

These places are our choice points. Forks in the road. Bends in the path. Occasionally we hit a pothole. Or a road closed sign. Or construction. But that’s all part of the adventure.

What part of your story is unfolding? And if you’re less than satisfied, what choices can you make to change it? Which fellow traveler might you be able to hitch a ride with? Do you need to slow down? Speed up? Stop and smell the roses? Are you even on the road?

For a silly summer read, this book got me.

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