Monday, July 27, 2009

The best subjects

Like any other mom, I love taking pictures of my girls. Also, like any other mom, I think my girls are uncommonly cute. Mr. Henry is at that awkward age when you don't want you mom hovering around with a camera, and your smiles tend to be fake. However, I do catch her off guard sometimes, and she is beautiful. Mr. Oswald is the best subject--her red curls and infectious grin are so camera ready. Although Miss Pretty is closing the gap quickly with her flirtatious eyes and impish grin. I had the best day last weekend taking them to the zoo. I also just happened to get some really cute pictures!

"Now listen to me sister!"

Don't you just want to eat her up with a spoon?

She is so patient.

There are just no words for this one... *love*

Menu Monday--Freezer Finds

It is officially "Freezer Finds" week. I plan on only buying the produce and milk needed to get through the week. Money is tight due to recent vacations and other events. Let's see how I can clean out the freezer and pantry.

Monday--Grilled Chicken Dijon Salad (marinated chicken breast in freezer; dressing in fridge)
Tuesday--French Dip Sandwiches, Tater Tots and Cucumber Salad (Meat, buns and tots in freezer; cucumber and tomatoes from garden)
Wednesday--Spicy Venison Stir Fry (small roast in freezer, rice and marinade ingredients in pantry)
Thursday--BLT's (Bacon in fridge, Tomatoes from garden)
Friday--Pancakes and Sausage (Pancake mix in freezer, sausage in fridge)
Saturday--Steaks, Baked Potatoes, and Asparagus (steaks in freezer, potatoes in pantry)

Maybe I can get all our groceries for the week for under $40? I hope so because Most of my food budget this week needs to go toward Mr. Henry's birthday on Sunday. She's going to be 10...sob! Another post later.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Menu Monday

The past week was really busy, and when it came time to plan the menu all I was looking for was easy. So, this week is a selection of tried and true favorites.

Monday: Venison Steaks with a Balsamic Shallot Sauce, Cous Cous, and Roasted Asparagus
Tuesday: Left Overs
Wednesday: Spaghetti and Salad
Thursday: California Bowls (must remember to make rice Wed. night)
Friday: Coupon Madness (out to eat--local restaurant w/ coupons)
Saturday: ??? Husband will be fishing and I don't know how inspired I will be to cook for 3 picky girls.
Sunday: Fish Fry, Cole Slaw, Corn on the Cob

Friday, July 10, 2009


Last weekend the husband and Mr. Oswald were outside riding scooters and bikes. Generally terrorizing the small animals of the neighborhood. This left Miss Pretty and I inside. She was playing in the toy room and I was sewing in the dining room. (What? Your formal dining room doesn't double as your craft room?)

Anyway, she was playing various toys and occasionally bringing them in to show me. I looked up to check on her and noticed that she had the closet doors open, looking in. I told her to leave them alone and she quickly stepped in the closet and partially closed the door. Now, I could still see her and she was standing completely still--almost frozen. I kept calling her name, and she didn't move. I could see the grin on her face getting bigger and bigger. Finally, I walked over to the closet, and as soon as I touched the door handle she yelled "BOO!!!" and started laughing--big full belly laughs that only a toddler can do.

I love when they start playing pranks and telling jokes.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pretty Little Mistakes--A Review

This month's selection was "Pretty Little Mistakes" by Healther McElhatton. It is a "choose your own adventure" type book that follows the main character through the differnt life choices made.

Some members of my book club found the constant page flipping annoying and/or distracting. I can see this, but I enjoyed the premise. While the main character of the book is not well developed, there are moments that really zing at your heart or conscience.

This book really spoke to me. To me, the main message was that sometimes we’re in such a hurry to get “there”. We often overlook the stepping stones (that often are disguised as boulders, mountains, asteroids or cosmic blockage) that are simply part of the journey.

My destination is already on the cosmic map. I've simply not clocked enough mileage to be at that point yet. The cool thing is (like McElhatton’s book) is that at any point I (or any of us) can turn, slow down, speed up, join up with fellow travelers, stop to camp and roast some marshmallows, star gaze, bird watch, meditate, go for a hike or skinny dip in a swimming hole along the way.

These places are our choice points. Forks in the road. Bends in the path. Occasionally we hit a pothole. Or a road closed sign. Or construction. But that’s all part of the adventure.

What part of your story is unfolding? And if you’re less than satisfied, what choices can you make to change it? Which fellow traveler might you be able to hitch a ride with? Do you need to slow down? Speed up? Stop and smell the roses? Are you even on the road?

For a silly summer read, this book got me.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Book Storage

Books have taken over my house. Especially books for my two littlest girls. This is such a cool idea. Just saving it here for future reference. I see several of these in my future.

Book Club--Pretty Little Mistakes

I have book club tonight, and I all I have to say is...nothing right now. I have a whole post about this month's book, but for now a picture will do.

Pop Art

My newest piece of pop art. I found this at a local junk store. It thought it went perfectly with the quilt I am making for my office. It is pretty small, only 8" x 8".


Menu Monday

This week's menu isn't very inspired but it is a very busy week. I have book club on Monday (yay!), Tae Kwon Do Tuesday and Thursday, as well as a Preschool parents orientation on Thursday. Then, my first Tae Kwon Do tournament is Friday and Saturday. (Sooo thankful for Mom & Dad for coming down and staying with the littles so I can concentrate at the tournament.) Finally, on Sunday Mr. Henry comes home! Gosh, I am already tired!

Tuesday: BLTA's
Wednesday: Korean grilled flank steak with grilled green onion and green rice ( rice w/ cilantro and scallions mixed in)
Thursday: Pizza for babysitter and the littles; out for husband and I
Friday: Something in Columbia with TKD group
Saturday: Something in Columbia with TKD group
Sunday: Cookout for family--Brats, Hot Dogs, Greek Coleslaw, Grilled Potato Salad, and PIE (my mom's fresh peach and strawberry pies)

Have a good eats week!

Rainy Holiday Weekend

It will forever be known as the 4th of July that wasn't. The parade we were going to was delayed due to rain and the littles were not pleased. (Notice the little pink and white purse ready to collect candy.)
However once it started, all was forgiven.
The party we were going to was cancelled due to rain, and the fireworks didn't happen. We were going to drive up on a bluff and watch the ones downtown, but the littles were asleep by 8pm and there was no keeping them awake. I guess I should be thankful the neighborhood pyromaniacs didn't wake them up.

Oh well, even indoor popsicles on the 4th of July are a good thing!