Monday, July 27, 2009

Menu Monday--Freezer Finds

It is officially "Freezer Finds" week. I plan on only buying the produce and milk needed to get through the week. Money is tight due to recent vacations and other events. Let's see how I can clean out the freezer and pantry.

Monday--Grilled Chicken Dijon Salad (marinated chicken breast in freezer; dressing in fridge)
Tuesday--French Dip Sandwiches, Tater Tots and Cucumber Salad (Meat, buns and tots in freezer; cucumber and tomatoes from garden)
Wednesday--Spicy Venison Stir Fry (small roast in freezer, rice and marinade ingredients in pantry)
Thursday--BLT's (Bacon in fridge, Tomatoes from garden)
Friday--Pancakes and Sausage (Pancake mix in freezer, sausage in fridge)
Saturday--Steaks, Baked Potatoes, and Asparagus (steaks in freezer, potatoes in pantry)

Maybe I can get all our groceries for the week for under $40? I hope so because Most of my food budget this week needs to go toward Mr. Henry's birthday on Sunday. She's going to be 10...sob! Another post later.

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