Monday, June 29, 2009

Lazy Weekend

It was a lazy weekend around here.

I did some sewing on Saturday as it was too hot to go outside. I finished my tote bag and got a good start on the charm quilt. It is going together really quickly, so I will hopefully get it finished before the long weekend. It was so hot outside that I had to keep Mr. Oswald and Miss Pretty inside all day and they were not impressed. There was a lot of whining and fighting. After nap all was well, as Grandma (my MIL) brought dinner and came to play! What a relief! No cooking and another adult to distract them.

Sunday was great! It was so nice, 85-ish with a breeze. We played outside all day. We played on the new swingset, or "investment" as the salesman called it. (Insert eye-roll here.) Then we played in the sprinkler. After nap, we played some more and ate dinner outside. It was a perfect summer day.


  1. So, is an "investment" swingset one of those huge wooden ones? What are it's amenities? a table? a house? crazy slide? monkeybars?

  2. It is a semi-huge one. We have a really small yard. But, it has a two story fort with a picnic table, a rock wall, slide, two swings and a glider. They are too small for some of the features, but they will grow into it.